I'm going to make everything around me beautiful...that will be my life. - Elsie de Wolfe

Try Again

One day a girl named Jessy was scouring through Instagram trying to find inspiring new stylists to follow and an idea occurred to her.  What if there were a blog that introduced you to new stylist you might not have heard of before, or what if they asked some of your favorite stylists what inspires them to do what they do, among other things?  Or, what if there was a blog that did both!?!  The stylists could style food, flowers, crafts, interiors, fashion and more!  What if we could get a behind the scenes look at the people that make those beautiful pictures we love to scroll through on Instagram or pin on Pinterest?  Enter Style Tastemakers…interviews with stylists and other creators from all walks of life.  You may have heard of some or we may just introduce you to someone new.  Either way, we hope you enjoy your time here and leave more inspired than ever before.

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If you know a stylist that you’d love to see on Style Tastemakers, please let us know!  You can email us at hello@styletastemakers.com