Q&A with Megan Gonzalez

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ST: Hi Megan!  We are thrilled to have you with us today!  Let’s start with you telling us a little about yourself, your business, and your background.

MG: I started my business (MaeMae Paperie) while I was in college and created custom wedding invitations for people in our area (I used to live in the Los Angeles area before moving to Minneapolis in 2012) and across the world.  As the business grew, I received many requests from creative business owners in the wedding, fashion, and interior industries to help them with curating their work, developing brands, and marketing.  This year, I decided to take a hiatus from wedding stationery and am devoting my time to parterning with other creative business owners to help them look good.  Personally, I have some exciting projects going on: 1) our church River Valley launched a downtown Minneapolis campus this fall where my husband and I lead several volunteer groups loving and serving this awesome city, and 2) we started renovating our first home #willowwonderlandmn this summer!!

ST: I’ve been following along with your house progress and it’s been so fun to see the transformation so far!  I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you’re all done!

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ST: Anyone who follows you on Instagram knows that your work is truly inspiring.  Can you tell us what your creative process is like?

MG: My process involves hunting, arranging, and editing.  You can see the process of making a Mississippi River inspired save the date card here,  and you can watch my MaeMae Movie to see it in action, as well as see the process of making the movie here.


ST: Do you ever run into creative road blocks?  If so, how do you deal with them?

MG: OH YEAH!  The best way to deal with a roadblock is to first have a really solid process.  I love the message of the book The Creative Habit which highlights the idea that when being creative is your job you can’t wait for inspiration to strike.  You have to create a system and habit to GET IT DONE even when you aren’t feeling it.  For me, that means having a road map for all types of projects, so that I am doing the same steps but can insert inspired ideas along the way.

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ST: You’ve been teaching LAB workshops.  Can you tell us a little about them?

MG: LAB is the coolest.  I get to spend 3-4 hours hanging out with people in my community.  Some are creatives looking to push themselves in new ways, and others do not have a creative job and are looking to challenge themselves by finding a new hobby.  I teach an Instagram & Styling LAB with my friend Kayd Roy from Style Architects and a Watercolor Lab by myself.  The IG and Styling LAB is all about learning strategy to create an impactful storyline on Instagram and how to style beautiful and compelling images to tell that story.  The watercolor LAB is a time to explore color theory and how the paint, water, brush, and paper interact.

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ST: Who’s work inspires you?

MG: Two design teams I adore are Cheree Berry & Stitch Design.  I recently listened to this special on Spotify with Alanis Morissette and her producer about how they created Jagged Little Pill and it was FASCINATING.

ST: Thank you so much Megan!  That was just as insightful as we thought it would be.  As Megan takes a break from wedding stationery, she has made time for three new services: 1) offering consultations for clients who need help with marketing, finding their ideal client, cleaning up their services, style direction, etc. 2) photo styling to share a company or to sell products, and 3) social media management where she creates and curates images to tell a compelling store to a company or person’s audience.  To find out more about Megan and MaeMae Co you can find her here: website, blog, insta, pinterest, twitter, and facebook.



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