Q&A with Lucie Carpenter


ST: Hi Lucie!  We are thrilled to have you for our launch this week, and we can’t wait to get a behind the scenes peak at your process!    To start, can you tell us a little about yourself, your business, and your background?

LC: I create styled mock ups and digital templates for product based businesses and creatives around the world.  My background is probably quite unusual.  I grew up in the South of France and started out in the wedding and event management industry.  One day I realized that all I truly wanted was to be a designer, so that I could be day dreaming and really be creative.  I moved to London 6 years ago, took a graphic design course for a year and never looked back!


ST: How did you get into styling?

LC: It started when I wanted to showcase my online portfolio about 18 months ago.  I was mainly designing ebooks at that time.  There were a lot of simple ipad mock ups that I could download for free which helped, but then my projects still ended up looking a little too generic.  When my birthday came up I managed to get a second had DSLR camera, and from then I started taking my own shots!  It was not easy though…I had to find ideas to style the scene around the ipad on the same theme as the ebook I had designed + understand the camera + everything around it, including retouching.  It was hard, but definitely worth it.  Practice is really key in this case.


ST: What’s the one styling prop you can’t live without?

LC: A wooden white board!  It goes with everything.  You can make a scene look elegant, Christmassy, romantic, rustic, minimal, you can really achieve any style from that base.  I made 2 that I keep in my studio + I have another one to keep in my hometown in France.  If you make your own it adds a unique value to your work as well as a good dose of self-satisfaction!


ST: What are you working on right now?

LC: I am finalizing mock ups on the Christmas theme, and also working on some client product photography.  The next step will be to upload video tutorials and launch my first small scene styling e-course which I am working on at the moment.  I also travel often between London and France so it keeps the rhythm high and exciting!


ST: Who’s work inspires you?

LC: A lot of photographers who take shots in the city and in the countryside.  It really helps me to always try and see things through a different angle.  You see something once, then you blink, and try to see it a different way.  I am a fan of the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi (http://amzn.to/1MePjiE) and of course Nature is my first source of inspiration.  I love fresh flowers and natural fibres as well as soft, muted colors that we find in summery shades.  In terms of more specific work, I find that interior designers from Scandinavia have very strong skills in bringing Nature at home, I just love their approach.  Hans Blomquist is my favorite stylist,  I have 2 of his books and I am dreaming to achieve a similar atmosphere and feel in my home one day (when I move back to the countryside!).

ST: Thank you so much Lucie!  To see more of Lucie, you can find her here: website, instagram, facebook, creative market, and etsy.



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