Q&A with Aimee Twigger



ST: Welcome Aimee Twigger from Twigg Studios.  We are so excited to share your beautiful food styling to cap off our launch week!  Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

AT: I’m 27 and live with my partner and our dalmatian Archie. I have always enjoyed baking from a young age and used to love helping my mum in the kitchen so i think it was only natural for me to continue as I got older. I didn’t train or take any courses I just did it as a hobby as something for me and my family, and I started sharing my recipes on my blog and started taking photos and realized how much I loved photography and styling.




ST: How did you get into food styling?

AT: I think that styling is one of my favorite parts of the whole recipe development/blog post process. I have always been a creative person so i think it’s my way to express my self through my photos or bakes. Because I was taking photos to share the recipes on my blog I realized that I had to style the photos so i started collecting props from thrift stores and e-bay and other shops and now I have so many that I have two book cases full of props and lots of different backgrounds for the photos.




ST: What is the one cooking tool or styling prop you couldn’t live without?

AT: My kitchen aid mixer or my food processor are my essential kitchen electricals. They are pricy but they get well used so i think or it as an investment. But I think my most favorite kitchen tool is a rubber spatula it’s so handy. For styling my most favorite things to use are some nice tea towels as they add layers to the photos.




ST: The holidays are coming up…anything you are getting particularly excited to start baking?

AT: I love baking for Christmas I look forward to making all the Christmas cookies and gingerbread. The winter flavors like spices and citrus are my favorite. It is my favorite time of the year. I have loads of recipe ideas this year that I can’t wait to try out.




ST: Who’s work inspires you?

AT: There are some many amazing bloggers that inspire my like Linda Lomelino from Call Me Cupcake, Beth Kirby from local milk, Michelle from Hummingbird High and Molly Yer from My Name Is Yeh and Gabriel from the Artful Desperado. I could list so many. There are so many that bloggers inspire me and my recipes or photos. I love using Instrgram and Pinterest to find new inspiration.

ST: Thank you so much Aimee!  It was so great getting a look at your process.  We can’t wait to see what you churn out for the Holidays!  To see more of Aimee you can find her here: blog, insta, pinterest, twitter, facebook.  Also look for her book Love, Aimee x, currently available in Germany and coming soon to Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.



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